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Nice to hear you want to work with Text on Top! Text on Top is a versatile wireless solution for different challenges you can encounter as presenter, organizer or captioner/reporter. When you order Text on Top, the latest version of the software will be installed, so you can directly get started. And if there are new updates? Then you can very easily download these via the website, so you can always use the latest version. You’ll never have to buy a new device or pay for expensive software licenses.

We prepared 3 packages. Below you can see the differences and which one suits your needs the best. You can easily place your order by using the form. If you need other quantities? Please contact us.

2 devices
  • 1 device (captioner/reporter)
  • 1 device (presenter)
  • Latest software
3 devices
  • 1 device (captioner/reporter)
  • 1 device (presenter)
  • 1 regular or Micro device (for example for additional languages, micro device can be used for tablets)
  • Latest software
4 devices
  • 1 device (captioner/reporter)
  • 1 device (presenter)
  • 2 regular or Micro devices (for example for additional languages of captioners working in teams), micro device can be used for tablets)
  • Latest software

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