• Text on Stage

    Real-time Captioning in the theater

  • Text on Stage

    Real-time Captioning in the theater

Text on Stage...

Makes the theater accessible for everyone!

What is Text on Stage?

Text on Stage is a full color LED dot matrix screen that shows 3 lines of text. The main/initial goal of Text on Stage is to provide captions in theater. But certainly Text on Stage also target other events, like regular presentations and outdoor (street-)theater!

A Text on Stage unit is about 25cm high and 1m80 wide. This dimension is suitable for people to read from a short and long distance. A key feature of Text on Stage is the brightness control of the text. In theater it is rather dark, and the display should not disturb the play.

Link with Text on Top
Text on Stage seamlessly works together with Text on Top. The Script Library has some additional functions to help preparing the script for Text on Stage and the Script Player itself allows output as ‘captions’ rather than verbatim.

Appearance control
The appearance (colors, brightness) is controlled remotely by the interpreter. However, a Text on Stage unit has a DMX interface that allows to link the unit to the lighting control panel of the theater! This allows the theater to control (and even integrate!) the Text on Stage unit to the stage lighting (and hence synchronize brightness -and more!- with the scenes of the play).

A Text on Stage unit is equipped with two 50mm hook clamps. With these hooks, the screen can be mounted on a stand (with T-bar) or hang on the horizontal lighting bars of the theater.

Power supply
Since Text on Stage works like Text on Top, all that is needed is a wall socket. And if desired a DMX cable to control the unit by the theater lighting system.

How to obtain Text on Stage?

At this time Text on Stage is still in the development stage. Therefor Text on Stage is available for limited occasions and for rent only. Please contact me at info@text-on-top.com